Laser cutting

In today’s world the laser cutting is a high-performance extra-precise cutting process for different materials, which enables the production of parts with any complicated profiles.

Characteristics of laser cutting:

  1. no mechanical stress of the material
  2. Cutting and engraving of materials with different properties possible
  3. maximum resolution and high speed
  4. Cutting pressure-sensitive soft metals possible
  5. High output
  6. form difficult cutting possible
  7. low labor costs

We use a modern high-performance Italian system PRIMA PLATINO FIBER 1530. This system allows the laser cutting in a wide material and thickness range at high speed and fineness without manual adjustment and is a The curative reliable system that is ideal for both small batch production as well as for Groβserienfertigung is suitable.

Thanks to this laser cutting system, the duration of the series start-up for new projects will be significantly shortened; the cost of manufactured products are reduced; and there is the possibility of an independent organization of the full production cycle without the involvement of foreign companies.

With the high-performance fiber optic laser device Prima Power PLATINO 1530 FIBER we manufacture blanks and workpieces made of steel and nonferrous metals of different shape and design of any complexity with the accuracy up to ± 0.03 and Schnittrauheit и Ra3,2 to 1.6:

  1. Cutting of structural steels max. 20 mm thick;
  2. Cutting aluminum and Aliminiumlegierungen up to 8 mm thick;
  3. Cutting copper, brass, titanium max. 5 mm thick;
  4. Cutting of stainless steel max. 10 mm thick.

In addition to cutting, we meet with the laser engraving machine.